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With the EcoFlow Portable Solar Panel 400 W you can quickly and easily generate...



With the EcoFlow Portable Solar Panel 400 W you can quickly and easily generate sustainable energy. The solar panel is compactly foldable, making it easy to take with you. Unzip the carry bag and angle the panel for maximum sun coverage.

Solar panel with efficient Monocrystalline Silicon cells

The Portable Solar Panel 400 W is made of efficient Monocrystalline Silicon cells. Thanks to this technology, the solar panel can supply portable power stations and electrical appliances with power. The solar panel is lightweight and approximately 10% smaller than comparable solar panels. Despite its compact size, the solar panel achieves a conversion of 23%. The panel is IP68 certified. This means that the Portable Solar Panel 400 W has been tested to see whether it can withstand various weather conditions such as water and dust. It can also take a beating, because it is built with very strong composite. So do you have an adventurous lifestyle? Then Portable Solar Panel with a power of 400 W is perfect for you!

Main benefits

Power: 400 W
Cell type: Monocrystalline Silicon
Efficiency: 22% - 23%
IP68 certified
Universal MC4 connection
Warranty: 2 years
Portable solar panel with protective carrying case

As the name suggests, the Portable Solar Panel 400 W is portable and therefore easy to take with you when traveling. Fold up the panel and protect it in the supplied carrying case. When folded, the panel measures 41.7 x 93.1 x 0.98 cm. The compact size saves you valuable trunk space. Once unfolded it measures 105.8 x 236.5 x 2.5 cm. Unfold the panel, use the carrying case as a stand and position it at the right angle for maximum sun coverage. The mounting eyes make it possible to hang the solar panel in a place of your choice. The included MC4 to XT60 cable allows you to charge your Delta or River series portable power station. Connect multiple panels of the same series in parallel and charge even faster! A parallel cable is available for parallel coupling.

Whether you are on the road or at your destination, the Portable Solar Panel 400 W provides green energy anytime, anywhere. Thanks to the efficient Monocrystalline Silicon cells, the panel achieves up to 23% conversion.

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